3 Reasons to Use More Than One Worship Leader


I’ve been a worship leader for over 20 years and, until recently,  if you were the worship leader of a church that meant you led all the songs, all the time, every week. Now... I know people really like me but that’s a lot of me. What I have learned over the years is the importance of having other worship leaders. Here are 3 reasons why I use more than one worship leader.




1. Variety is a good thing.


In a worship set of four songs I will generally have at least one other worship leader and sometimes two. Worship leader one will be the main leader that will make final calls, and in our setting, do the welcome and close the worship set in prayer. Worship leader two and three will lead one of the songs in the set. I'm not talking about hiring a bunch of worship leaders but training and using the people God has given you.I really believe this is the best way to lead your congregation. It’s not built on or focused on any one person, but it’s focused on a group of people coming together to lead people in worship. We apply this same idea to our teaching team. Our Lead Pastor will speak around 30 weekends a year and our other communicators will speak the other 22. Like I said earlier...variety is a good thing.



2. It trains others to do what you do.



I’m so excited about the worship leaders we have at Stevens Creek. I have a group of 8 Worship leaders that I meet with every month to discuss books and blogs on worship and leadership. This group is the future of our worship department. They are helping shape our services and our approach as we lead our congregation in worship. It’s my goal to pour everything I know into these individuals. I challenge them, I encourage them and I learn from them. If you’re the only one that can do what you do at your church then your ministry will eventually die with you. It’s my goal to have worship leaders far better than me when it’s time for me to move on to something else. Are you the only one that can do what you do? Raise others up and pour into them….You’ll be glad you did.


3. It allows you to send leaders out.


We understand at Stevens Creek that we are a “sending church”. This is very rewarding but it can also be painful. We have sent out hundreds of leaders over the years to lead worship ministries, run children’s departments and pastor churches. It’s painful because you lose great people that you are doing life with but it’s rewarding when you realize how they will reach people you never could, and you get to be a part of that. I can remember feeling frustrated  early on in my ministry when people would leave that I had spent time developing. I would think, “ok...I poured into you, gave you opportunity when you weren’t really ready and now that you are ready you’re moving away and going to use all I taught you some other place?” Years later I can look back at all those who have transitioned out and see how God used me to help them take their next step in what He had for them. Know that whoever you are leading and teaching, it is being done for the glory of God and to minister to His church not just your church. Be a part of something greater. Be a sender!